Growing love for Jesus, others & ourselves through movement, music, worship & FUN!

About Kids Holy Yoga

Kids Holy Yoga is part of the US-based, international ministry Holy Yoga, a pioneering style of yoga that honors the time-tested practice of yoga while firmly centering on the person of Christ and the teachings of the Bible. We are sold-out followers of Jesus and desire to see His love known in the hearts of all people everywhere.
In Kids Holy Yoga, we use the movements, breath exercises and meditation practice of yoga to teach kids Bible stories and principles.  A couple of favorites are “Noah’s Ark” and “Love your neighbor as yourself!”
We bolster our teachings with other prayerful and playful activities including art to enrich the creative spirit within and healthy nutrition to honor God with our bodies.
Above all, we cultivate learning the ways of joy, peace, patience, kindness and self-control—the fruits of God’s Spirit! 

One of Kids Holy Yoga's primary purposes is to provide teacher trainings for adults who would like to share this gift of yoga & Jesus with children in their communities. Our teacher training is open to anyone, regardless of previous yoga experience or training.

We host this blog to provide opportunities for kids and families and teachers to find fun ways to interact with their faith and engage spiritual disciplines like prayer, meditation, and yoga. We're delighted you found us--welcome to Kids Holy Yoga!

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