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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kids Holy Yoga Training 2016 FAQs

What is the Kids Holy Yoga Instructor Training Program? 

The Kids Holy Yoga Instructor Training Program is a comprehensive training program designed to help you share the love of Jesus through movement, story, prayer and fun. Combining prayerful and playful elements, everything we do points back to Christ and helps kids connect with His love for them and teaches them to respond with their love for Him, heart mind, soul & strength. The Kids Holy Yoga Instructor Training Program equips teachers to plan and facilitate their own prayerful and playful Kids Holy Yoga classes and events.

This program is also provides a deep personal study for trainees to remember their identities as beloved children of God. We often say, "we teach what we know," and so if we want to teach children about how much God loves them, we need to know it's true about ourselves, too!
How does the Kids Holy Yoga Instructor Training Program work?

The Kids Holy Yoga training program is entirely virtual. There will be seven 2-hour online webinar sessions held on Wednesdays(12:15-2:15 pm Eastern). Classes will be held on February 10, February 17, February 24, March 2, March 9, March 16, and March 23, 2016. These webinars will be interactive between students and the teaching team. Each week will have a balance between scripture study to equip you, a hands-on yoga experience, information about the practice of kids yoga, and additional tools to help you have a great experience working with children.

What if I cannot attend the classes on Wednesdays?

The webinars will be recorded and available to be watched to within the weeks of the training course. We prefer you listen live so that you are able to contribute; however, we understand this is not always possible and we are pleased to be able to offer this course via recording.

Do I have to be a Holy Yoga Instructor or Registered Yoga Teacher to take this training?

No! This training is open to any adult who is interested in learning to teach Kids Holy Yoga and wants to bring Jesus’ love to children through this practice. Students are also asked to agree to the Holy Yoga Statements of Faith.

How much does the Kids Holy Yoga Program cost?

Tuition for the Kids Holy Yoga Training program is $525 if you pay all at once or you can pay the deposit of $225, then choose from either two or four equal monthly payments to pay off the balance (2 payments of $150 or 4 payments of $75). All payments must be received before your training certification will be issued.

Does Kids Holy Yoga offer scholarships?

The Kids Holy Yoga program is designed to be as cost-effective and affordable as possible for as many people as possible. We will pray with you and brainstorm with you about ways that you might be able to raise the funds needed. (See this blog post for some ideas!) We believe that if God is calling you to this ministry, He will provide for you. We will join you in taking steps of faith for your training. At this point, Kids Holy Yoga is able to extend a limited number of partial scholarships. To request an application for a partial scholarship, please email

Is there a travel requirement for this Kids Holy Yoga Training?
There is NO travel requirement for Kids Holy Yoga Training. The entire training course will be conducted online and via home study.

Can I take this specialty training while I am taking the 225-hour or 95-hour Holy Yoga Instructor training?

Because of the intense nature of the Holy Yoga Instructor training, any students wishing to take this course at the same time must gain approval from Jonnie Goodmanson, Director of Instructor Training for Holy Yoga.

Can I take the Kids Holy Yoga course while taking another Holy Yoga Specialty course (i.e. Holy Yoga Masters, Holy Yoga Plus, etc)?

Yes. You will, however, be responsible for meeting the requirements for each course within the allotted time frames (i.e., listening to recordings, homework, reading requirements).

How many hours a week can I expect to spend on Kids Holy Yoga Training?

You will be required to attend (or listen to) the 2-hour webinar each week, as well as complete required readings, scripture study/interaction, yoga practice, and additional homework. You can expect to spend approximately 5-8 hours each week on your training.

I’m already a Registered Holy Yoga Instructor/Master Holy Yoga Instructor. Why should I take the Kids Holy Yoga Training?

If you have a heart to teach little people, this training will enrich your skills to bring prayerful, playful, story-enriched yoga to the little ones God places in your path. You will learn about the unique aspects of yoga for little bodies and how to weave the Word especially for kids. You will also experience an in-depth study of what it means to be a child of God yourself. Kids Holy Yoga counts toward your Holy Yoga CEU credits. This course certifies you to safely teach individuals ages 2-17. And one more thing: only those certified in Kids Holy Yoga are credentialed to teach “Kids Holy Yoga” classes.

I did a Kids Yoga training with another organization. Do I have to do this whole program to be certified in Kids Holy Yoga?

Yes. Because Kids Holy Yoga is so much more than the physical aspect of yoga, we believe this training is greatly different than many other Kids Yoga trainings. The Kids Holy Yoga method is unique in the way that it brings Bible stories alive through yoga play. In addition, we spend a good deal of time deepening our own personal understanding of what it means to be God's beloved children so that we can share this with kids. Previous students have reflected that this training is worth it, even if you're already trained in kids yoga!

How do I register for the Kids Holy Yoga Instructor Training program?

Click here to register. For questions, email

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