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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kids Holy Yoga Training

I want to take Kids Holy Yoga training, but I don’t know if I can pay the tuition costs this minute.

At Kids Holy Yoga, we understand that this training is a significant financial commitment for our students. We work very hard to keep our costs down so that our training is accessible to those who desire to take it. In fact, our training is priced much lower than comparable kids yoga trainings, with many more training hours through our program.

As part of Holy Yoga, Kids Holy Yoga is pleased to offer its students payment plans. For the Kids Holy Yoga program, the tuition of $525 can be broken down into four (4) monthly payments of $135.*

We also have gathered ideas for students to help with their own personal fundraising.

  • Consider asking your friends and family to donate toward your training costs. This is a missional ministry training, and some students are able to raise money for this as they would for a mission trip.

  • Some students have gotten their children's ministries at their churches to pay for or help pay for the training in exchange for the student’s serving with Kids Holy Yoga after training.

  • Are you on staff at a church or ministry? Several students have taken this training as their continuing education with their organization paying all or part of the costs.

  • Are you already certified as a Holy Yoga teacher? Consider hosting a regular Holy Yoga class or two where you promote it as a fundraiser for your Kids' HY training costs. I have found that my classes where we are raising funds for something gain many more donations. (Also works if you are certified as another kind of yoga teacher, too).

  • Do you take classes from a Holy Yoga teacher or another yoga teacher? Perhaps he or she would consider doing the same for a fundraising class in your benefit.

  • Think about your skills and talents. Are you a baker? Perhaps a bake sale. Are you crafty? Maybe a craft market or online craft sale. Do you love kids? Babysitting or child care.

We fully believe that if the Lord is calling you to this training, He will make a way for you. Please know that we are praying with you and for you for the way to be made.

For additional questions, please email To register, go to:

*While Holy Yoga is a non-profit ministry, tuition costs are not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution.

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