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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nutcracker Yoga

It's almost Christmas, and one favorite Christmas story is that of the Nutcracker. We can celebrate a great story because we know that God is the greatest storyteller and He is the source of creativity. Enjoy this yoga version of this beloved tale! (If it makes sense to, try each pose on both sides of the body).

There once was a girl named Clara.
Start in Child's pose, sitting on your heels, head to the floor.
She and her brother Fritz were attending their parents' Christmas party when a beloved but mysterious family friend named Herr Drosselmeyer arrived bearing gifts for Clara and Fritz.

Clara's gift was a couple of baby dolls.
Hold your shin in your arms and rock it like a baby. Try it on both sides.

Fritz received Toy Soldiers.
Stand on one foot, lift the other foot & opposite arm, like a soldier marching.

Herr Drosselmeyer also gave Clara a special gift: a wooden Nutcracker.
Stand still & tall with your arms at your sides, like you are made of wood.
Fritz was jealous and tried to snatch Nutcracker away from Clara. The gift broke in two and Clara's heart sank. And yet, Herr Drosselmeyer was able to put Nutcracker back together again.

Clara drifted off to sleep and into a very unusual dream.
Curl up using your hands as pillows.

Clara sees her Christmas tree grow and grow and grow into a giant tree!
Stand tall. Bring one foot to your ankle or calf. Bring your hands to a point over your head.

And then she encountered an evil Mouse King and his mouse army who scared her!
Start in warrior 2 pose & use your back arm to fire the Mouse King's cannon as you bring it forward.

Luckily, Nutcracker and his band of toy soldiers came to her rescue! Clara was safe.

Clara's dream then takes her to the Land of Snow, where she meets the Snow King and Queen.
Twinkle your fingers & sway from side to side like a snowflake gently falling.
From there, her imaginative adventure leads to the Land of Sweets, where the Sugar Plum Fairy dances for Clara and the prince.
Hold your foot in one hand as you stretch forward with the other.

The Sugar Plum Fairy introduces Clara to many sweets including:

Bring both hands to the inside of your foot. Hiss like a teapot boiling.


Stand on your tippy toes and hold your hands up like you're holding cups of hot coffee!
Mother Ginger's children hide under her large dress. Move from side to side.

and Candy Canes
Bend over, like a candy cane's hook.

And then the Rose and her flower friends dance for Clara.
Sit up with your hands holding your feet, like the petals of a rose.

Clara awakes with a sense of wonder and joy.

Have fun with this story and these poses! Know that Christmas wonder and joy found in the heart of Jesus are for you, too!

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