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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Advent Week Four: Mary & Joseph

As we come to our final week of Advent, we turn our focus to Mary and Joseph, Jesus' earthly parents.

God had a plan to make everything right between Him and people. He had a plan to bring hope and light back to a sad and dark world. He had a plan, and when God has a plan, the Bible tells us one way or another, it will get accomplished.

But God had a certain way He wanted his plan to go. And so He invited Mary and Joseph to be a part of His plan. His plan was for them to have a baby—the baby Jesus. And He asked them to participate.

God sent his invitation to Mary through an angel. After she listen to the angel explain the plan, she answered, "may it be according to your will, God," which means, "I want the same thing you want, God."

Joseph's invitation to the plan came through Mary. He said yes to God's plan by taking care of Mary while she was pregnant with Jesus and by raising Jesus as his son.

We get invited to participate in God's plan, too. He asks us to help spread His love, to shine His light, and to help the whole world know about His son Jesus. We participate in His plan by showing kindness, by trusting Him in hard times, and by loving others as much as we can. Like Mary, we can say, "yes, God. I want the same things you do." And when we do, we participate in His plan to bring hope to the world.

Try these poses to remember the way that Mary and Joseph participated in God's plan.

Table: Joseph was a carpenter. Carpenters make things out of wood. They use a table to build things on. Remember how Joseph said yes to God with this Table Pose.

Start on your hands and knees. Your shoulders are over your wrists, your knees are under your hips. Pull your belly button towards your spine and grow long all the way from your tail through the top of your head. Feel yourself strong and steady like a big wooden table.

Donkey Kicks: Mary had to ride on a donkey for a long journey to Bethlehem, the town where Jesus was born. Donkeys move slowly and are very uncomfortable to ride on. Remember Mary and how she wanted what God wanted, even when it was difficult for her. Ask God to help you to want what He wants, too.

From your table pose slowly lift one leg, keeping the knee bent, as though you were a donkey gently kicking. Please watch out for anyone or anything near you! Try it on both sides a couple of times. If you like, you can bray like a donkey, saying "hee haw, hee haw."

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