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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Advent Week 3: the Wisemen

For week 3 of our Advent series, let's take a look at the wise men (or the Magi) of the Christmas story.

These men are described as coming from the East (which would have been far away from Judea, Jesus' home country), and they were men who studied the stars. They saw a star that made them believe a new king was to be born in Bethlehem and they traveled to worship Him (Matthew 2). Most Bible scholars think they probably rode camels to make their long journey.

Our lesson from the wise men is that sometimes God will take us on unexpected journeys and adventures. It is our faith, or trust in Him, that allows us to follow Him wherever He is leading us. Like the star that guided the wise men, He will always lead us.

Let's practice the faith of the wise men with these poses. Jesus, fill our hearts with trust for you so that we will follow you on whatever adventure you plan for us.

Camel Pose: Stand on your knees. Bring your hands to your low back and pull your shoulders and elbows toward each other. Lift your heart and let your head fall back slightly (if it hurts, STOP!). Imagine riding a camel to come meet baby Jesus.

If you have a lot of flexibility, you can try this more
advanced version of the pose. But be gentle!
Star Pose: Stand with your feet wide, turned slightly out. Bring your arms parallel to the ground. Stretch out through your fingers as you hug your shoulder blades together. Twinkle your fingers and smile to shine your light, just like the Christmas star.

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