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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Advent Week 1: the Prophets

Sunday begins Advent, the time in the calendar when we look forward to the coming of Christmas and the celebration of the birth of Jesus. As we wait over the next few weeks, we will share a few ideas to help you consider the Christmas story with your whole being: heart, mind, soul and strength!

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This week we look at the Prophets. A prophet is someone who listens to God and is chosen by God to share what they hear. In the Old Testament, we read many stories of prophets who shared God's instructions and hopes with God's people.

One prophet was named Isaiah. He lived long before Jesus was born, but he shared this foretelling of Him.
A child has been born for us.
We have been given a son
    who will be our ruler.
His names will be
Wonderful Advisor
    and Mighty God,
Eternal Father
    and Prince of Peace.
His power will never end;
    peace will last forever.
He will rule David’s kingdom
    and make it grow strong.
He will always rule
    with honesty and justice.
The Lord All-Powerful
will make certain
    that all of this is done.
(Isaiah 9:6-7 CEV)

This is the hope that we have in Jesus, that this child who was born is making all things right with His love. During Advent, we wait with expectation that someday this will be fully true.

As we wait, we can be like the prophets as we learn to listen to God. We listen to God by reading the Bible and by learning to feel the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

Enjoy these two poses to help you think of the prophets. In both of them, we turn our ears towards Heaven. Speak, God. We are listening! 

Neck stretches: Sit up nice and tall. Softly bring one ear toward your shoulder. Keep the opposite shoulder down as you lift your ear toward Heaven. Then try it on the other side.

Twisting Lunge: Start in table pose. Bring your right foot forward between your hands (put your ankle under your knee) and then push your hips forward a little bit. Set your left hand on the inside of that right foot. Then take your right fingers up and reach towards Heaven. Stretch out through your neck and turn your head so you can hear. Then try it with your left foot forward.

We would love to see your pictures as you practice these prophet poses. Find us on Facebook at Kids Holy Yoga or on Instagram @kidsholyyoga.

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