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Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring is right around the corner...Easter is, too!

We are starting to see signs of SPRING...and that is so exciting!

Spring is a time when we are able to observe new life...from flowers that begin to peek out of the ground, to birds with their nests full of eggs, to the trees that begin to blossom, to young animals who have just been born...bunnies, lambs, and ducklings!

And at Easter, we celebrate that God gives us new life in Jesus. Because of Jesus' GREAT BIG LOVE for us, He went to the Cross, so that we can be separated from our old life of brokenness and sin and brought into a new life of grace, hope, joy, and peace!

Join us for this yoga practice to celebrate the new life of Spring and, even better, the new life we have in Jesus!

Baby Bird Flies Free
Tuck yourself into Child's Pose and bring your hands to your feet. Snuggle in like you are a baby bird squeezed inside an egg.

As you inhale, rise onto your knees and lift your arms up like wings. Fly free from your shell, little bird! As you exhale, drop back into your shell and repeat.

 Blossoming Tree
 Stand strong on one leg. Bring your other foot to your ankle. Lift your arms up like tree branches and spread your fingers wide like the blossoms of a tree. What color are your blossoms?
(Repeat on the other side).

 Flower Pose
 Sit on your bottom. Bring your legs into a V shape. Bring your arms between your legs and hook your knees with your elbows. Sit up so tall that your arms and legs lift up, like petals of a flower. Lift your face and smile toward the sun!

Baby Bunny Pose
Start in Child's Pose on your knees. Lace your fingers together on your back. Begin to lift your arms up over your head like baby bunny ears. Wiggle your nose like a bunny! 

Cross Pose
Stand tall on both feet. Feel the top of your head lifting toward Heaven. Lift your arms away from your sides until you are in a cross shape. As you breathe in, feel God's love for you. As your breathe out, think about letting go of any mistakes you've made and any bad choices, too. Because Jesus died on the Cross, we receive God's forgiveness!

Happy Spring and Happy Easter, Kids' Holy Yoga kids!

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