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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blank Slates?

by Christina Mroz, Director of Baby Holy Yoga

Babies are said to be born as blank slates.  I have identical twin girls who are 15 months old.  Their little lives have just started. They are virtually free of trauma, negative influences, or hurt in their lives, though one may argue that by just being a twin, they have some level of trauma.  Their precious hearts, minds, and bodies have had little impact by society at this stage.

So because my girls are identical and “new,” you would think they would respond similarly when practicing yoga.  As I practiced yoga with them today, I paid particular attention to their physical responses to our practice.

As I was noticing how their bodies responded, I also thought about their different personality traits.  I was amazed to see direct similarities to their bodies and their personalities already—remember they have a “clean slate,” they are “brand new.”

This is what I observed:

Physical Observations:
  • Spent most of the time sucking her fingers
  • Her spine was less flexible than Ellianna’s
  • Her hips were less open then Ellianna’s
  • She had to be holding her blanket
Elsa’s Personality:
  • Needs physical comforts of her blanket and sucking her fingers
  • Needs moments of cuddling and physical contact
  • Determined
  • Reserved
  • Seems to be more like her big sister Hannah
  • High strung (not that I want to label her as such but I can’t think of a better word to describe her)
Physical Observations:
  • Floppy
  • Flexible
  • Free movement of body
Ellianna’s Personality:
  • Free spirit
  • Sociable
  • Out going
  • Adventurous
  • Knows how to push her mom’s buttons in regards to sleep and naps
  • Needs less sleep
At 15 months of age, my daughters are not only different in their personalities, but in how they carry their bodies.  Their bodies and personalities seem to be a direct reflection of each already.  Lastly, it seems as though they really aren’t “blank slates” as some would proclaim—before my girls are even two years of age, they are distinctly unique.

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