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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rocket Ship Breath

Get ready to take a ride on your very own Rocket Ship!

Close your eyes and start your journey to any planet you choose. God is so cool that not only did He create this beautiful Earth with colorful leaves, rainbows, ocean waves to splash in, sand to dig your feet in, but HE also made the stars to gaze upon and planets that we can pretend to visit using our God-given imaginations!

  1. Squat low to ground to prepare take to take and take a big deep breath in.
  2. As you count down starting from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...slowly lift yourself up to standing.
  3. When you make it all the way to the top,  press your palms together with arms reaching up towards outer space!
Get ready!

Ten, nine, eight...
seven, six, five, four...

three, two one...



Psalm 8:3-4 (Easy-to-Read Version)

I look at the heavens you made with your hands.  I see the moon and the stars you created.
And I wonder, “Why are people so important to you?  Why do you even think about them?  Why do you care so much about humans?  Why do you even notice them?”


Talk with your kids about why we are so important to God and how much He loves us. 

written by Rachel Glowacki

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kids' Holy Yoga at Home

Did you know that you can do Kids' Holy Yoga at home?

The Holy Yoga store just got a brand new batch of the Kids' Holy Yoga DVD that has three fun yoga sessions for kids of all ages.  Join Rachel and Christina as they lead you and your little ones through the Creation Story, Noah's Ark, and the Lord's Prayer.  It's a great way to help get the Word of God planted in the soil of little hearts!

These Holy Yoga Kids practice with the DVD
after school to help unwind!

Another great way to facilitate Holy Yoga with your favorite kids is with the Kids' Holy Yoga Scripture Cards.  Each card has a pose picture and corresponding verse on the front and the pose directives on the back.  You can play a variety of games with these cards...look to this blog for some ideas soon!

You can purchase these items at the Holy Yoga Store here.  Save when you purchase the DVD and Scripture Cards bundle!

When you support Kids' Holy Yoga with your purchases, you not only bring Godly fun to your family, but you also support our mission to bring the love of Jesus experienced through playful and prayerful movement to other kids and families.  Thank you!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Have you ever taken time to watch a baby process new territory?  All their senses become heightened as they become fully present with the situation before them.  For a moment, they ignore the outside world in order to conquer the thing before them.

As we took our twins outside this fall, there was a new world before them with new obstacles.  The obstacles before my girls are insignificant to us, but required new functions of their brain—like spacal awareness and muscle memory.  Some of their obstacles ranged from uneven sidewalks, gaps between the sidewalk and the road, and curbs.  My husband and I watched in amazement as our daughter Ellianna tired to navigate the end of our driveway.  The driveway ends with a slight dip before connecting with the street.  The dip is there for drainage purposes.  However, to our 15-month-old, it was an obstacle to conquer.  Her first attempt to getting over this obstacle looked like this…she got down onto her hand and knees and crawled backwards across it to get to the street. On her second attempt she tried to walk over it, but held our hand to navigate the unsteadiness she experienced walking down the slope.  On her third attempt, she staggered across it on her own.  Now she conquers that dip with great ease and grace.  Her little body and mind were able to figure out how to walk over a dip in the road with only a few tries

The vastness of our children’s brains amazes us.  Sometimes we find ourselves just watching them as they process something new.  We chuckle at how they approach something and then stare in utter amazement at how they developed the needed knowledge to do what they wanted to do.  (Like climb a stool to get on top of the dresser to play in the fish tank!)

My hope is that we (adults/parents) take moments to watch our children as they conquer the world before them.  That we don’t automatically jump in and try to help them but that we sit back and watch our children process through the obstacles before them on their own.

by Christina Mroz, Baby Holy Yoga Director & Kids' Holy Yoga Teacher