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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Story Time Yoga

Did you know that you can teach Godly principles from your kids' favorite story books through yoga?

My kids love Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.  It's a story about a boy named Max who dresses in a wolf suit, gets in trouble with his mom for saying unkind things, and is sent to his room.  While there, Max goes on an imaginary journey to the Land of the Wild Things.  While it is fun for a while, Max realizes he'd rather be at home "where someone loved him best of all."  When he returns, he sees that his mom has left him some nice, warm supper.

To make the story come alive through yoga, you can add poses.  We decided to go from Wolf (Downward Facing Dog) into Wild Thing!

Start in Downward Facing Dog (or Wolf!)
Bring your heel to your bottom &
begin to bring your belly button up
Open up your top arm & heart as you
come into Wild Thing pose!

You could also do Boat Pose or Crescent Moon to go along with the story.  Kids love to make up their own Wild Things poses, too!  Be creative--like Max is!  The only rule is to be safe with your yoga poses.

As you play, you can talk about Godly principles like honoring your parents and unconditional love.  You can talk about how God always forgives us when we make mistakes and His love for us is like a nice big bowl of soup--comforting, nourishing, and warm!

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